How blessed we are to be

 Living In The Ozarks

Near Yellville, Arkansas, overlooking the Buffalo River valley with its fall colors and mountains surrounding it.

Arkansas is known as the Natural State. The Ozark Mountains are the epitome of this title! We have lived in this area for four decades and would like to share with you the reasons we live here and invite all those who share our interests to consider "Living in the Ozarks" as well.

We have many pictures, descriptions, and linking pages on the following links below. You will find pictures of the natural beauty of the Ozarks and activities in the area as well as state and national parks throughout the state of Arkansas. There are also many links which will help you to learn more about the Ozarks for visiting or perhaps coming to live in the area. Come share the beautiful Ozarks with us.

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Why We Love the Ozarks

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Norfork National Fish Hatchery supplies lakes and rivers with great trout fishing

4th of July canon demonstrations

Beautiful Ozark Dogwoods


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